Monday, July 1, 2013

If The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul, Then My Soul Is Full Of Light ♡

& He Said ,No Shadows Will Block Your Sun ..What A Chill To Hear.

  If Happiness Is Directly Related To Perspective Than, From Now On, That's What   I Should Call You.

The older I Grow The More I Listen To The People Who Don't Talk.

       Never Seen So Much Class In Such Little Place.

 You Could Never Fathom. I Couldn't Bring You There Even If I Tried.

 I Don't Wish  He Had A Different Way Of Viewing Things. His Way Is Original & I Love It.

               Let  Me Be Your Scream Queen Fantasy.

 Must Everything Be Dealt With Satire & Irony? Don't Some Things Deserve Sincerity?..

 The Love Of My Life Is Amazingly Sweet & Handsome.

                      Learning Is  Part Of Our Summer. 

                      Spirit Born Of Earth & Water...

    Believe it or not I enjoy cooking Everyday  =) 

Words Alone Could Never  Describe The Beauty Of His Soul.

 A Good Artist Is One That Compose Music That Conveys Real People, Real Emotions , Real Struggles, Not A Made Up Life  Of Hoes ,Money & Whips .

 Remember, It's never too late to be a better you. Every new day brings the opportunity to grow as person & to allow your experiences to build you , not break you. You are a totality of your goals , your dreams, your desires, & even your failures. You can't pick and choose the things that you have gone through but you can choose to learn from them. You know what i think? ... Failures are  blessings in disguise! they really are . Because the only way to go when you're down is UP ! . .. Thanks For Reading.. Be Strong , Be Positive &  Stay Blessed  Every day of your life . xox =)