Monday, July 8, 2013

My Moves Are Always Calculated.. You Won't See Me Invest Into Something Without Viewing It Hundreds Of Times.

 Get It , Flip It , Stack It .That's How I Been Do It.

 I Don't Listen When People Brag To Me How Ballin They Are , Cuz Money Speak For It Self.

Parents are so fixed on making sure their kids get a certain grade but not so much on their mentality that's why most of the times they fail.

I Love  Randomly Sending Him Dirty Texts, It Throws Him Off Lol ! 

                         God Bless The Humble & Wise.

 I Love The Way The Evening Breeze Tease A Candle Flame.

Real Dope Love Isn't Perfect . It Consist Of Tears, Fights , Laughter. Its all about growing together & embracing each other flaws.

                  Positive Vibe From The Roof Top. 

                 So Many Wild Pleasures Lay In Store For me.

My business is my business.. your business is your business.

 I Can Spit Truth For Hours. You Won't Be Able To Handle  it though .

My Flaws, Weaknesses & Imperfections Make Me Perfect.

I Have No Filter Why You Think My CIRCLE Is So Tight ,Not A Lot of  People Can Handle The TRUTH!

I Never Want Perfect , Always Need REAL 

           This Woman Has Her Priorities  Straight.

 Edgewater .. Visiting A  Friend .. July 4th & Fire works .

 Sometimes you have to separate yourself  from everybody else  just to maintain your peace.

It's Hard  Showing Love To Somebody who rejects it & only Acknowledge  Hate.

          I Rather Be An Open Sinner Than A False Saint

I Find A Monster In Me When I Lose My Cool. But I keep Those Demons Tamed ..Negative Emotions shall not be welcome.Life Is Too short for that Mess .

                  My Main Focus is staying focus...

Jerome's In The House...Watch Your Mouth .. Funny Shit , lol 

When I started flirting with hustle , Failure became my ex ..  Now I'm Dating The Game &  marrying success .

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. & yours too. make a point  to tell yourself  '' I refuse to look backwards.''...progress & growth requires forward movement. Let go of any bad habits that's holding you back, including people. We all find comfort in familiarity. its human nature. But remember in order to add the extra ordinary it requires moving out of your comfort zone. Do not let your vision for the future be clouded by the  past.Open your eyes wide, embrace the path ahead , & keep moving forward. The first step is being willing to take it , And I'm definitely   ready to keep walking ahead. =)