Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Christmas Gift Came Early People I'm Among All People Most Richly Blessed.

 I Dont Govern My Life By Labels And What Other People Have To Say. I do my own thing. Positive Energy Flowing Through Me Right Now..God Is Good Always =)

I'm Going To Put This Situation In Gods Hand ...At the end of the day, I'm solid. I have everything I need and whatever/whoever fell off along the way is irrelevant.

A Person Who Truly Loves you See's what a Mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle but still want you in their Life

                                          “No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed, yes.” ;)

 Let the negative people be negative. Just separate yourself from them. Misery loves company."

I cant believe i'm stuck between what i want and what i need & i'm confused between the both ..my head hurts

The Same Faces You Fla$h Should Be The Same Ones You Stash.. $$ =$

I'm A Woman Who Drink Hot Chocolate In The Summer And Eat Ice Cream In The Winter '' Lol ''..I'm Not Perfect, But I'm Always Proud To Be Me =)

My type of relaxing is being productive & keeping busy, life is short so everyday counts! thanking god everyday! no matter the circumstances

                  *You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it*

People paint Me as Angry And Bitter Spirit Because I'm Very outspoken . But if you can't Handle My wrathful Moments Than You Sure As Hell Don't Deserve My Fondness And Sweet Spirit .~ L.Acosta

The most Supreme Being is the one that stays Humble & Undefeated and Continue to inspire others to do the same...take lead. 

“God is my refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble Therefore I will not fear… I'm the happiest woman at this very moment ; )

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I must say 2012 was a very good year and I’m saying that with a smile from ear to ear Lol .

If you stay hung up on the wrong person then you'll end up missing the right person

I love this quote & its very true !!!

  when a person says i need to find myself and purpose he/she is trying to fill the void left by the Absence of the Creator god !

                                       I'm a deep person, deep thinker...deep talks I dig that shit.

I'm So Desensitized That Bullshit Don't Bother Me!! ... Living Sucka Free!!

The only person that can truly make you happy is yourself. Everyone and everything else is extra.

                  It's Hard to Live A life Sucker Free in World Full Of Lollipops ...

Too much slang is such a turn off and a touch Embarrassing. A lot of how you carry yourself is presented through your speech. =)
I'm witty, insightful And I'm always wearing those funky High Heels With Them Short,
                               short skirts or Tight Little Dresses 

If u blame your surroundings for the position you're in, then you'll never get out of it. Because no matter where u go, you're still there.

Cherish every moment, regardless of your circumstance

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

Words cannot express how much i Dont care.

                                    Dont Let The EYE Fool The Mind!

  They think I've had it easy. I've had it the worst way possible. But I appreciate it all....I'm A Head Strong Soldier

                                                             My Nails  Are Pretty In Pink =)


                                            Having a fat ass DOES NOT make you a bad bitch

.I'd rather be me then pretend to be perfect to fit everyone's standards.

I Dont Have A Dirty Mind,..I Have A Sexy Imagination.
Leave Your Morals At Home. When You're With Me Boy , keep it Extra Filthy.

                                                I Had To Share This ...Lol ME SOMETIMES =)

This Is My Moment ...When the Time Comes I Will Learn To Love Again.

People On Here Complain About Having too Many Fakes & Squares in their Life, Maybe cuz You Are One? & You Attract The Same Kind.

                                          Confidence is the Sexiest Thing One Can Ever Wear

I just caught myself smiling and when I thought of why, it occurred to me that it was simply because I feel and am alive.

                                                        My Handsome Prince ...Edward

I like a gentleman with a little less gentle and a lot more man.

  It Takes A Really Big Man To Fill My Shoes. 

                I shall fear no men but god, though i walk through the shadows of darkness.