Monday, March 18, 2013

A Penny For Your Thoughts.. One Might Ask ???

                     He Loves To Talk About Those Things That Are Relevant...

Everybody Has A Story To Tell...Yet, Nobody Listens. So The Man In The Corner Tells His Newly Discovered  Prey The Things She Wants To Hear. His Wife Doesn't Understand Him . And  He Is Only Thinking About The Children . And  She Plays Along  Making  It Perfectly Clear That She's Never Done That Sorta Thing Before. He's So Lonely And So Misunderstood ....... But She  Knows The Truth . His Wife Doesn't  Understand Him Because He Is Never There.... And  He Was So Intrigue By Her Beauty & Enchanting Personality That He Fail To Notice She Was Not The Desperate Kind , Looking To Be Dine & Wine . ...With A  Lovely Smile She Listen To The Handsome Man Speak , But She Knows That A  Lie Is Only A lie If You Believe It  & Some People Will Believe Anything If It's Convenient ....So She Gently Kissed Him On The Cheek And  No Sooner She Walked Away From The Crime Scene...  She's Not About To Become A Victim Of  Another Selfish Man  Scheme.... By L. Acosta''  ''Her Weekend Story ''  =)

                               Sometimes,  Silence Can Be The Smartest Remark .

I Can't Deal With Spoiled People.They Have A Huge Lack Of Disrespect For The Simply Things.

      Believe Me ,  It Is Foolish & A Waste Of Energy  To Assume Or Judge...

Dear God, When Feelings Of Inferiority, Insecurities, And Self-Doubt Creep Into My Heart Please Help Me See Myself The Way You Do.. Thanks In  Advance   =)

    The Cute Things My Little Dream Boat Say... Make Me Laugh Uncontrollably =)
                                               Lol ...Read Below Please =)

 Of Course I Had To Share It On My Instagram....!!!  Sharing Is Caring Lol

And  I Have A Million Reasons To Smile & Be Thankful & Grateful For... Every Single Day Of My Life

A Good Life Is When You Smile Often . Kind & Sweet . Laugh A Lot  & Realize How Blessed You Are For What You Have .. The Small Things In This  Life  Are The Ones With More Meaning & Value =)
Trust Me On This One....

Look For Something Positive In Each Day, Even If Some Days You Have To Look A Little Harder.Let The Challenge Make You Strong...

All the hardest, coldest people you meet were once as soft as water. And that's the tragedy of life.

Sometimes the people that are your biggest blessings are the ones farthest away.

If He Doesn't  Have Ambition  To Do For Himself..He Won't Do For You Either

Friday, March 15, 2013

I Speak With The Winds Voice, Gentle But Strong...

                                 My Friend Is Going Insane For Fear Of Losing His Mind.

Why Are People So Attracted To What Appears Successful, Prosperous, Exciting, Promising, Or Physically  Beautiful & Spiritual. And Yet Though We Know Better, When Things Don't Turn Out The Way We Were Hoping & Praying For, The Weight Of Despair Crushes Our Spirits.......

I Just Can't Comprehend Why We Have Become So Zealous For Those Things That In The End Don't Mean Nothing At All... You Know, Some People Are So Full Of Tunnels & Dark Spaces To Even Imagine & The Mind Can Be A Scary Place To Be In Sometimes .....Though We In Our  Own Company &  Solitude Allow our True Self & Raw Emotions To Be Awaken ..A Little Sadness, A burst Of Anger ,We Become Jaded & Confused With Loneliness . But In Truth,  Loneliness Can Sometimes Be Good . Because It Is Then That One Can Reevaluate Everything ... ...

We Think Of The  Present Moment ,  Feel The Past , Live The Memories With A Smile & Some Tears , We Imagine  The Future And What Lies Ahead ...Thus, We Long For The Company Of Those Long Gone  Or Perhaps The Ones We Hold Dear & Close To Our Hearts ......

And  If Only My Friend Knew That No Matter How Down He Is There Is Still Going To Be Lows.... But His Is No Tragedy...  Just A Life Characterized By Misinterpretations, Unbending Images Of Self. And  Pure Uncut Anger That Never Allows Him To Hang Loose Or Be Without Pain For One Second. He Is So Aware Of Himself That The Obscurity Of It All Is Killing Him. & Everyday Is Just Extension Of Yesterday. A Hassle And Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning Is Like Slow Suicide...

Agonizingly I Watch Him Bleed....Fun Comes Hard And Good Times Not At All. & There Are So Many Things I Can Tell Him But He Is My Friend.... And I See No Good In Expanding His Consciousness To One More Level  Or To Widening His Senses By Introducing Him To Any More Thoughts That Can Not Be Dealt By Sane  Persons.

Sometimes ,... I Think He Will Need To Isolate Himself  From The World Just So That He Can Keep His Mental Balance And Crazy As It  Sounds I Will Be Able To Justify His Actions Logically & With Very Little Imagination. Honestly His Life Is Beyond Reason His Very Nature Of His Being Is So Insane That I Almost Give Up Searching For Ways & Means To Comfort Him  To Keep Him Around Until Tomorrow..

And  If I Thought That He Would Find True Peace In Such Place I Would Send Him Myself  Because That's What Friends Are For.. But Fortunately For Those Who Are Miserable & Unfortunately For Him I Do Not Believe That Such Place Would Even Things Out . He Is My Every Friend That I have....

He Is The Mirror Reflection Of Me & I Love Myself  !! To Such An Extent That I Would Gladly Do Anything To  Help Him Be  Free ....

And Its So Hard To Smile,  Laugh And Joke With Him Without Letting On That I Know ....
He Is In My Mind And In My Soul And In The Very Core Of My Every Fuel Attempts To Stay Above Low And Survive The Pressure Of Too Much Truth ...
And If Only He Would Search Within Him To Find True Happiness & Self Worth  Without Having To Lie, Impress Or Lose Himself Trying To Fit In ...

If Only He Would Put God First  .....So My Friend Please Hold On Because Without You  I am Nothing......

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine ..Refreshing My Thoughts With Lovely Colors & Peace Of Mind

For Some Spring Is Just A Season But To Me Is More Like A Gift To See ,Smell , Hear & Touch The Beautiful World Around Us ...  I Just Love The Colors Of Spring .They Make Me So Happy Just The Thought Of Knowing That Everything Is Growing & Blooming All Over Again Inspires Me To Admire  Life & Its Beauty . I Love Waking Up To The Sound  Of The Birds Chirping , Lovely To See  The Sky So Blue, As I Enjoy My Morning Cup Of Coffee Sitting Out Side My Back Yard . And  It's Neither Cold Nor Hot During This Short But Beautiful Time Of The Year. Seriously  God Creation Is  Worth Of Admiration .To Me The Beauty Of Spring Is  Breath Taking & Worthwhile  How Can One Wake Up And Not  Have A Good Reason  To Smile... =)

My Little Sunshine Was Born In The Month Of Spring March . .. I Considerate it & Call It  The Month Of  Rebirth . Yes, Rebirth Because The World Is Purified With Rain From Above , Giving Life To Things & People Just The Same.  Not For Nothing But Around This Time Every Soul On This Amazing Green Planet   Begin  To Prepare With Excitement For What Spring Brings... Lots Of  Fun In The Sun ..

Some Times The Smallest Things Take Up The Most Room In Your Heart. I Personally Find That To Be Very True....

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Hearts 6th Birthday...Happy Birthday Edward Alan Rayford Jr, You Were Born In An Exquisite Month #babypisces.'

On March  2007 At 5:36 AM  I Can Vividly Remembered How Hard It Rained & How I Couldn't Understand Why?... But Than I Realized My Life  Was Being Blessed & Purified Forever..Because In That Very Hour I Became A Mother To The Most Beautiful Little Boy I Have Ever Seen. Let Me Just Tell You . I Became A New Person. His Birth Put My Whole Life Into Perspective And It Humbled & Grounded Me. It Was Like I Was Being Baptist & Born Again.Honestly  Being  a Mother Is One Of The Greatest Things I've Done With My Life . My Son's Presence Has Changed My Life For The Good In So Many Ways  Since His Birth. I Have Learned To Look More Closely At This World, Its Dangers, Its Beauties, Its Blessings. I Also Learned To  Look  Closely At My Behavior And What It Tells Him. He  Is My Greatest Blessing Of My Life No Question.'

                                     Time Needs To Slow Down! 6 Already
 Well, Time Has Definitely Rushed By And So Here  We Are Celebrating Your 6 Years Of Life Handsome   ... Not Only Today But Every Single Moment  Of  My Life I am Forever Thankful & Grateful To God For Blessing Me With You. May God Keep Pouring His Love On You As He Continues To Do For Me ..I Love You So Much Edward. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ❤ Mom ❤

                                          You Have Been More Than A Blessing To Me
                           You Have Filled The Last 365 Days Of My Life  & Than Some
                                          With Indescribable Love, Joy, & Laughter!!!

 Even Though Edward's Birthday was not celebrated at chucky'cheese's  it Was Still Wonderful He Enjoyed   Every moment of it With Friends & Family 

Humans Went From Making It With Nothing To Never Being Satisfied, Seriously We Need To Reevaluate.

                                            Life Is But A Mix Of Struggles & Blessings .

         The Best Part Of My Weekend Was Edward ,My Cherished & Beloved Son.

                                  I Love My Son  Innocence's He Goes To  Me:
                              Mommy  Lets Go To The Money Store '' LOL  ''( The Bank )

Assumptions , Insecurities & too much Pride can Seriously Put An End To A Beautiful Relationship Or Any Relationship For That Matter. 

You Can Never Be A Happy Person If You Judge, Resent, Condemn & Complain all The Time ..

                                         I'm Focused On The Good Things In Life.
When I Look At My Son Face ,So Innocent, So Pure And Unspoiled, I Just Melt. Its Unbelievable To Me That I Could Produce Something So Beautiful. I Bare A Tremendous Responsibility And I Promise To Never Let You Down. My Heart & Soul Is All Yours..... Dear God Thank You For Blessing Me  & For Guiding Me   Through The Shadows Of Darkness Time & Times Again. I Can Smile Because Of Your Grace And Love . Thank You For Casting My Many, Many , Many Faults Away, As Far As The East Is From  The West... Thank You For Everything ..Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow & Evermore.