Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why yes, I very much so enjoy being a woman

"Remember not to lose urself in the ocean of other people's madness"

When someone's presence just feels so good................

                  Her virtues, few as they may have been, were cherished in spite of it.

Be unstoppable. Be invincible. Be vigilant. Be fearless. Be unfuckwittable.

I'd wash the sand off the shore Give you the world if it was mine

There's #beauty in everything, good or bad. Once you have the eye for that, nothing is as bad as it seems. Then nothing at all can stop you.

Sometimes you just gotta take a moment and... THANK GOD!!!

Last night was a very INTERESTING experience. : Singing and smiling all morning. I have so much to be grateful for ! & thanks to everyone that took the time to wish me well on my birthday i truly appreciate it THANKS !!! again & have a beautiful , blessed day #godisgreat  

 because life  still holds beauty in abundance to bring out the best in you .

Love & embrace yourself 100%  ....I'm Addicted To  Sunshine and Blue skies, There is  Peace in Heart & Tranquil is My Mind.... Good Morning , GOD Is Amazing  God gave me style and gave me grace, God put a #SMILE  upon my face... 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Often, out of our greatest rejection comes our greatest direction.

Sometimes the army of one works like the army of many, and sometimes the army of many works like the army of one.

Angels will never pretend to be demons, but a demon will pretend to be an angel.

Yes I am only human...however I am a creation of the most high..

Good things come to those with good intentions. what you do for others GOD will deff do for you

When you are going through difficulty & wonder where God is remember the teacher is always quiet during the test.

Examine what you tolerate. Don't accommodate bullshit. Set a firm boundary....always.

#It's amazing what great things god will put in your hands once you let go of the bad things you've held in your heart.

 Do not wear your sins and imperfections on your shoulders, everyday is a new day to learn from them, making yourself, a better YOU!

Just because you have ears, doesn't mean you listening, and because you have eyes doesn't mean you #see...

It's Monday and the world is yours!! make positive moves for a better tomorrow, have a great day !! 
Life is too short to invest time in negative things thoughts or people. We all deserve happiness so go out and GET IT!! have a great day :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm amazed that a woman so beautiful can go through such ugliness and not become it." -

 I think taking good care of yourself mentality, physically & spirituality is a form of self LOVE. Self nourishment .... so ladies & gents by all means necessary LOVE YOURSELF FIRST, BEFORE YOU THINK OF LOVING SOMEONE ELSE !!!! 


                          Never mix business with pleasure... #stfu BUSINESS IS PLEASURE.

I don't care what you do with your life.. It doesnt concern me nor does it affect me. What matters is whether or not youre a good person

When I look at myself, I see the woman that I am and the woman that I want to become. The only person that I am in #competition with is myself... & I am one damn good competitor. Each new day is an opportunity to be a better me and the only direction I see is forward

                         I'm no scrapper tho, but some people need to be taught a lesson.

A woman that knows her worth doesn't measure herself against another woman but stands strong, calmed…

                               Sweetie, Just because you look it, Don't mean you are!

                    Unlike many people , I know what I lack, I know what I seek for.... 
I don't ever lie to myself or act oblivious to the areas of improvement in my life. i'm a work in progress

                                 why do things to fit in , instead of doing things to stand out #stayoriginal

you and your opponent want the same thing..it all comes down to who is willing to work the hardest and not give up when it matters the most 

If it doesn't make you money, make you a better person or make you happy, then it doesn't matter.

The story behind these shoes, Over the weekend i went shopping with with a friend  ,while i was trying these  shoes on i notice a man well in his 50's looking & smiling at me . He was very handsome & i smile back of course ...  No sooner he approaches my friend & he says to him .... she's a lovely woman.  you are very lucky to have her by your side , & if she was my woman i would buy her three pair of shoes.  because A woman like her i would do anything to keep happy . And  in that moment i couldn't take my hands off my face ...  lol  & Honestly I felt like A goddess  =) 

                 #I am whatever you say I am . If I wasn't,  than  why would you say I am ?

By emphasizing so much on the negative you are only welcoming more negativity into your #life 

I might struggle with life sometimes, but you'll never see me complaining because I'm a very optimistic person and i'm a stronger believer that i can overcome anything. I am so grateful to have GOD who strengthens me and supports me mentality & spiritually on the regular !!! during my happy times & my darkest hours 10000% percent. GOD sustains me & it brings me so much joy to know he is just a prayer away GOD IS AMAZING IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE !!!! good morning & stay blessed