Friday, July 12, 2013

A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of a sheep.

I'm only attracted to someone of my equal.... He gotta be ambitious,driven,resourceful, and undefeated regardless the circumstances.

 I'm not even gonna lie, I love the attention given to me from the person that loves me. The positive energy is orgasmic.

                                                      My Circle Tighter Than A Virgin.

 #HATE it when people act like they know me, I have many layers and exteriors before anyone could ever fully know me.

 I Stay In My Own Lane , I keep a strong Mind and a Strong Hustle .#SELF MOTIVATED

If you look at me like an object, I will use you like a toy. What you do to me, I will #equally do to you. ...what can I say , like to play fair.  Wink wink 

Aint ur average. I don't chill with friends & I work for what I have till I'm deadly rich, then that's when I ball.

                                                I dig real deep conversations . That's my hype.

 I  love their company, But I just wanna smash, get cash, and live comfortably.I cant be with someone with no money, job, or ambition. Doesn't make me a gold digger, i just want my equal, The one I can make that money with.

I have so much respect for people who keep on trying regardless their struggles.

                                                              Respect to be respected !!!

If you know you bad then that's all that should matter what other people say otherwise doesn't matter                                      

"I think unfaithful guys are weak minded and have self control issues. A real man can resist temptation"

My Son Is The Only One In This World That Can Truly Pick Me Up While I'm At My Lowest .

Never Depend On Nobody..It's Best To Go Out And Get It On Your #own

A woman is so much better off once she can distinguish the difference between a man that spends money on her and a man that invests in her.

Being able to commit & remain faithful to whom ever you're with is a sign of maturity. Some people should really GROW UP.There's only one guy that can have my heart. I'm not the type of girl that be swinging to dudes passing on that L word like its nothing.