Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Heart Was Warmed ... The day I Was Born Was Blessed Beyond Measure :) I am Infinitely Thankful. My Gratitude Runs Deep. I Danced With My Son.

Sometimes you just gotta take a moment and... THANK GOD!!!


   I'm One proud Little Mamma Of This  Rising Star.


Just Let It Past ...Like The Clouds Visiting The Valleys.

  This Day Was Filled With So Much Joy & Happiness.

Keep Good People In Your Circle. That Matter The Most.

                 My Little Peanut  Soothes My Soul .

Men who Aren't Accustom To Real Women Mistake Everything For Fake, Especially Honesty & Respect.

There's Too Many Positive Things In Life To Be Happy About. Why Wake Up Being Negative?

   No Matter What I Deal With I'm Still Thankful.

                      He Is The Best In The Whole Wide World.

 Don't Break, Don't Bend, Don't Bow, Don't Fold, Don't  Fall, Don't Falter.

  I'm Extremely Humbled & Grateful To find comfort in the word of god & mighty Strength in the very being of my  son. Life is hard , people are cruel ,  But life goes on & something beautiful must be waiting somewhere, somewhere  When I least Expected. ..