Thursday, January 24, 2013

We As A Race Are Becoming So Perverse, So jaded, So Violent, that we Can't Judge Properly Anymore.

                   I Dont Follow The Status Quo By Wanting What Everyone Else Does

I  Found Within Myself, An Overwhelming Sense Of Satisfaction Beyond Any Realm Of Which I Believed Satisfaction Can Be Appreciated. When You Suffer Enough & Eventually Turbulent Waters Begin To Still,One Can Easily Hear & See What's Been There Hiding All Along Much More Clearly & Favorably .I Call It Being Grateful For All That You Have.For Allowing Yourself To Look At The Softer Agreeable Side Of Everything...( Yes It Does Exist If You Take Enough Time To Notice )Its Changing Your Outlook From Stormy,Obsessive,Bitter, & Cynical  To Faithful , Loving, Hopeful  And Appreciative Of Life Many Precious Gifts.

I Pray. I Seek Answers. I Reflect. &  I Believe, .. And To Be Honest Doing So Has Gotten Me Through My Darkest  Days & Shown Me How To Appreciate Those That Have Been Their Brightest.

I'm Happy Because Iam Who Iam . Because I Take Nothing For Granted. Because I'm Willing To See What Others Won't .Because It's Ultimately A Choice That I Make Independently .

Satisfaction In Life Doesn't Have To Come With Great Cost .It Should Come With Knowing
You Possess Your Ability To Be Happy In Being  Who You Are As A Unique Individual, Without Having To Rely On Others To Provide You With What Isn't Missing - It's There Now You Just Need  To Search Within Yourself And Find It  =)

I Dont Know But ...No one has Their Own Sense of style Anymore. Just a Bunch of Copy cats Following The Same Trends.

Woke up blessed! Life is Difficult but as long as there is Breath In Me I will be Forever Thankful To God 

I can never Live A Complete Life With A Chained Up Heart. I Guess I've Been Protecting My Heart Like A Soldier In a Battle Field. =)

A compatible partner isn't someone with your interests, but someone who respects your interests."

                                         I See The pain Hidden in your Pride"

They say that A Relationship with no Arguments, Is a Relationship with a lot of Secrets. But That's not Necessarily True ..Often Times It Means Communication Is present ..A Foundation was Built first. The Very Base That sustains Not A perfect Relationship But A Healthy One 
...In My Opinion Of Course

Speak kind Words to Yourself Believe Me; If you are incapable of being intimate with yourself or deem it silly And Unnecessary Guess What?... As You Think So Will You Attract.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It Doesn't Matter if a Man is a Sinner or a Saint .When you Lay With Him You Become His Equal, So No Matter What You Say or Feel About Him Is a Reflection Of Yourself....

Who Am i to Judge You From your past...I bet there's A Reason For It All.

I Was Born Under A Lucky Star !!! Lol =) Fill With Inner Joy For Some Strange Reason.

There is not one person in this world that knows everything about me or what I've been through."

I've learned That I have a great soul ,A Great Mission & A Great Power

                                   I Dont Tolerate Not Even An OUNCE Of Rudeness, Disrespect
                                       Or Abuse From No One . ...         

Always Try To Stay At The Top Because Its Over Crowed On The  Bottom. 

              You Be Surprise Just How Many Women Fail To Consider & Appreciate Their Men

  Now let me ask you dolls,would your man be thinking, she's such a smart,
self respecting, and creditable woman, and I Admire, respect and honor her?
   well sweetie I'll leave the answer to you...

Good Morning , Lol , Waking Up To This Little Guy Is Waking Up With A Content  & Thankful Heart ..
                                    I'm The Luckiest Girl In The World ...

 Yes, I Love Myself & Am Loved!!''
The More I Love Myself  The More I Will Love Others..''wink''

A real woman won’t distract you from your dreams, she’ll inspire you to be more determined to reach them."!!!!!!!

                                                   I Know  That Positivity,Optimism,
                                        And Hope is the Key to a Happy Successful Life

                                             "No other emotion seems more mysterious than love.

I've Been Going Through The Trails, Difficulties of Life With Strength, Grace , Dignity And Hope!

I Have Managed To successfully balance and unify myself , my looks , my personality,
My a level of real depths... I have become whole. =)

                                      I am Modest, Yet Forthcoming In A Muted Way.

                   This Struck A Nerve In Me Because It's Very Wise & Very TRUE!!

The last thing you should ever do is underestimate a SAGITTARIUS . They can be truly indestructible and unbeatable.

                              I'm Truly Indestructible Because of how I'm Built Mentally.

                                         My Most Pleasing Self  Is Always Shining Through
                                              No Matter The Circumstances ...

I'm A  Sagittarius Therefore I cannot fake a smile or hide  My feelings when  I'm upset.

                             Life Isn't all about You and how you think the world should operate
                                                           underneath your feet !!
                         you have to expand your mind in terms of what you're going to do
                                                          to change it....

Actually, That might be a way for the Devil to test your faith..putting you in a troublesome situation ..

                                           Best feeling in the world is to be truly loved and cared for.

                                      Speak Up And Be Heard ..Be Unapologetic

                  I Love The Hardest ....Mind, Body, & Soul . My Greatest Investment

I will only give love and affection to those who truly deserve it....'' Well, Sometimes I make Exceptions 

    I Will Always See Myself As A VIP Guest At The Grant Feast  Of Life =)

                             Confusing Lust With Love Is A  Sinful Adventure Among Us

                   I have no pity for those who weep & complain and don't do shit about it.

                   Wipe your mouth Honey There's still A Tiny Bit of Bullshit Around your Lips.

& It is better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep, than a sheep at the head of an army of lions.

I Dont tolerate if someone tries to get in the way of my future you're cut. You're either w/me or not.

Too many people out here getting confused with what people are telling them rather than what they are seeing"

I'm Sweet And A Little Dangerous..

I'm good when I need to be and I'm bad when I want to be.

I'm not about to be sad this morning, nuh un Jesus first and I'm blessed indeed .

          I just want to Retreat to a Tropical Isolated island and never come back to this Weather