Monday, July 15, 2013

Let me make clear. I don't know the answers, AT ALL. But Im willing to do what I can to seek them out & work towards fighting for solutions

The justice system is truly's no longer about whats right or wrong BUT who has the better lawyer

I'm a really strong woman, only I can knock me down. Remember that before you waste your time TRYING soo hard to bring me down.

 #Hate it when people try to get too close. Asking about my income, family & love life ..that shit stays private

                               Don't let your  #pride be the reason why u miss ya blessing .

                                                      My Son Staying Cool

Life will teach you that God is the only one you can trust and depend on. With everyone else you hope for the best

                                    Don't play #games with a woman that can play them  better.

                 In The Mist Of Her STRUGGLE She Understands Your PAIN.

             #Cherish your loved ones, you just never know if you will make it to see tomorrow