Thursday, June 13, 2013

These Feelings Are New Territory To Me...


 Dear God, I don't even have the words to describe what is it that my heart want to express & the changes i want to make in my life. I seriously, more than ever have this urge of putting all my fears aside & love again like i once did without caring of the if's. Back then i was fierce . I really was , So much so that i was able to  Screaming it to the world how much i care and loved someone . but now is different .....
 Doubt to me was nothing but a thirst  that could easily be quenched with water. But somehow I've been keeping my heart in the shadows shackled with doubts & unnecessary questions , allowing  my heart to love with limitations.  what a horrible crime i have committed .... I  have been so blind. ( sigh) ... all these years my own heart has been a prisoner suffering in silence   yet yearning to love & be loved.  to want &  be wanted . But I  Finally know my heart's desire because I haven't quenched that burning fire. I can't go on thinking & believing that i was built to conquer anything & everything. I admit pride & anger has been keeping me from the things i so desperately  want & need. you know  the mind has power it really does. But the heart has no match, for it conquers even the coldest , hardest soul.
This heart of mine is trying to break lose, I can feel the force within. It has  been fighting & trying to walk through the doors of my mind like a soldier in a battle field  ... I Must surrender to him ..


You know, god sustains me. If it wasn't for him i would have been a lost soul. Sometimes i can't help but wonder why he fills my cup with so much love & Blessings that unexpectedly come to me , Like the wind that blows from the four corners of the earth. Everyday he soothes my mind, body & soul ,when negative thoughts come and try to consume me. But i find tremendous comfort when i praise him in that very hour. For i know that his love & mercy endures forever. He strengthens my soul  as if telling me , that with him who can come against me. Good morning beautiful people & praise him in advance .... L~ Acosta  =)