Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Sagittarius Rising ..I Was Born To Conquer


              Her motto is, ''Tomorrow is another day''

 Even in her darkest of moods, She believe there's a light shining around the corner. Her confidence in the future is genuine, but she hates anything interfering with her plans. She is restless & Free Spirit. She is very frank, which sometimes can hurt others with her bluntness. She have a hunger to experience life to the fullest - To travel , meet interesting people , and see things she has never seen before. Anything new sparks her interest. in fact, she'll usually say yes to a suggestion without weighting its merits simply because it lifts her spirit. She is not a moody person , she is high-strung and can become irritable when she starts to get bored. she may think no one cares about her or understand her when she is feeling this way. But luckily  her belief that she is  someone special always sees her through...

 Nothing is more beautiful, captivating, attractive & sensual than a woman with a gentle & peaceful spirit.

              The Soul Of This Woman Is Very Fragile.

  I'm very optimistic , Honest & Super Adventurous. 


                  I value my freedom above all thing.. 


  Did I mention how much I love the ocean , It makes me feel free.

        Remember,  Nothing Venture , Nothing Gained.

It's better to be absolutely Ridiculous, Than incredibly  Boring!