Monday, April 15, 2013

You Can Easily Miss The Moon If You're Too Busy Being Distracted By The Stars.

Failure Is Not About Falling Down, Failure Is When You Stay Down.

Respect Is Embedded In Love . If You're Being Disrespected , Love Doesn't Exist Between You Both.

 I Don't Think I Could Live With Myself If I Have To Depend On A Man , I Can Finance Myself.

 I Never Lose My Faith, Even When I Loose My Way ,  I'm Truly A Solid Person.


                                 God, Time & Family are The Only Things I Value.

I Can't Stress Enough That College Degrees Do Not Promise You Success These Days .

So Let Your Dreams  Send The  Messages To Your Mind.  And Do Not Let Your  Nightmares & Fears  Send Messages To Your Heart !

                          Loving Those Fears?..Well , I  Don't Know About That! 

   Edward Is The Only Person That Can Put A Smile On My Face No Matter What !