Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's The Face You keep When Shit Hits The Fan That Determines The Strength Of Your Character.

                   She Hurt Feelings, She Break Hearts, She Stay Quiet , She Play Smart !

                   Your Haters Are Imaginary ,Trust Me No One Wants To Be You Babe.

                             Don't Leave Something Good To Find Something Better ,
                        Once You Realize You Had The Best , The Best Has Found Better.


     Negativity Attracts Negativity . All + Signs Over Here ,''I'm Purely Optimistic.''

  Remember, The Bridge You Burn Today Might Be The Path You Need Tomorrow !

                                  I Just Love The Inner Strength I Possess.. It's Intimidating

                            I'm A Firm Believer That  Absence Creates A Stronger Presence .

Some People Are Way To Focused On Their ''So Called Haters'' Its So Ugly. Why Don't You Focus On The People That Support  You Instead.

And  Next Chance She Gets  She's going  To Buy A New Mirror Because This One Talks To Much.....