Monday, April 1, 2013

I'll Give Him The Best Of Me Because He Endured The Worst Of It.

Less worrying, more faith that things will get better. Less complaining, more hard work. Life responds to your attitude. Stay positive & Be Good To Each Other Or At Least Try ."

  The way that you feel about me is between you and your self-esteem.

                                 My Sister Carolina  & My Adorable Nephew Denzel

Women putting other women down is like telling the world you're more worried about your "competition" than your own progress

The way to a drama-free lifestyle: If it doesn't concern you, then don't make it your problem.


                                         Adoration is one hell of a drug.

                              My Beautiful Nephew Denzel ...So Precious God Bless Him

                                      My Sister Kilsy  & Her Adorable  Prince Denzel.

  A woman with other things going on in her life besides Gossiping & Complaining is sexy.

& so begins my official rebirth. Eyes, heart, and mind wide open. A bittersweet moment at its best.

If u were battling with something yesterday, today is a new day & look, you made it through! Strength comes from perseverance; You got this.

The grass is always greener on the side where it's cared for in the way that it should be.

A woman would go a long way for a man she's in love with. She will go even further for a man who loves her back."

  You're the kind of inspiration that I need.

   Self-confidence is one of the sexiest things in the world

Quality time with my favorite bear.. Edward bear to be exact'' Lol

Every problem can be an opportunity if you look at it the right way; Perspective is a powerful tool.

People try soo hard to impress everybody & then complain about people being fake. You're fake to begin with, you attract your OWN KIND.

Sadly, Not Everybody Will Be Able To Appreciate The Good In You. Some People Are Too Used To Arguing, Drama, And Dysfunction To Value The Simplicity Of A Good Thing. So That's Why It's Best To Do What You Feel Is Right In Your Heart.. & Just Go With That Feeling ...Remember The Heart Never Lies...