Monday, April 8, 2013

How Could I Not Smother Him With Kisses

                                           I Never Knew Love Like This Before ..

     People Do Not  Understand How Much I Enjoy Every Little Thing About My Son

My Handsome Prince Edward.

                                      My  Nephew First Month Wow!! Time Goes So Fast!

                                           I Can Stare At His Purity Forever...

                                       My Weekend With My Little Angel  .. I'm In Heaven

                                              I Call Him 'Love"..& That Is What He Is To Me

Early In The Morning  My Heart , My Mind  & Soul  Said ,Give Thanks To God For He Is Good.

                                            Sometimes I'm Tormented By The Past.

My Honey Is So Sweet ! 

 I Believe No!.. I Know My Son Will Be A Great Big Brother Someday.

                                        This Is My Life Filled With Love & Peace Of Mind

                  When you Embrace the simplicity of life You Can Truly Be Rich At Heart

 My Mood Changes With The Weather Guess How I'm Feeling Right Now?  = )