Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't Allow Your Wounds To Transform You Into Something You Are Not!

I May Seem Cold & Ruthless But Its All To Protect My Heart Of Gold

Sometimes The Bad Things That Happen In Our Lives, Put  Us Directly On The Path To The Best Things That Could Ever Happen To US ! 

It Doesn't Matter Who Hurt , Or Broke You Down, What Matters Is Who  Making You Smile Now .

Experiences Make Most Of Us Stronger & Wiser.

Well. I Guess You Live And You Learn !

                                           Recognize A Real Woman When You See one.!

                                                       ANY  QUESTIONS??

What Kind Of Friend Would I be If I Told You What You Wanted To Hear All The Time.

The Moment You Decide To Bring Someone Down Is The Moment You Degrade Yourself.

                        I Have So Much To Say, But It'll Cause Too Much Controversy ..

   If You Were Wondering How An Outsider Know Your Business , Check Your Insider.

                                           Sometimes Its Okay To Be A Follower

Don't Judge A Woman By What She Likes , Judge Her By How She Gets What She Wants .

                                     '' Life Is A Theater Invite Your Audience Carefully''
 Not Everyone Is Healthy Enough To Have A Front Row In Our Lives. There Are Some People In Your Life That Need To Be Loved From A Distance. It's Amazing What You Can Accomplish When You Let Go Of, Or At Least Minimize Your Time With Draining, Negative , Pessimist  , Not Going Anywhere  Narrow Minded People . Observe The People  Around You. Pay Attention. Which One Lift And Which One Lean? Which One Encourage and Which Ones Discourage? Which Ones Are On A Path Of Growth Uphill And Which Ones Are Going Downhill ?  When You Leave Certain People Do You Feel Better Or Do You Feel Worse ?  Which Ones Have Drama Or Don't Really Understand , Know Or Appreciate You As A Unique Person . The More You Seek Quality, Respect, Growth, Peace Of Mind , Love And Truth Around You ... The Easier It Will Become For You To Decide Who Gets  To Sit  In The Front Row & Who Should Move To The Balcony Of Your Life . You Can Not Change The People Around You , But You Can Change The People You Are Around  !!  Remember, That The People We Keep Close Will Have A Positive Or Negative  Impact In Our Lives. And So You  Must Be Very Careful To Choose Wisely . And You Should Never, Ever, & I Mean  EVER ! Share Your  Dreams With Negative People,  Nor Feed Your   Mind With Negative Thoughts.. Remember Its Your Choice, Its Your Life !!!  Its Completely Up To You Who & What You Let In It .... Limitations  & Setbacks Are Not Needed , Because You Have Big Bright & Beautiful Future Ahead Of You .

I've Been Burned So Badly Before I Can't Afford To Go Through The Same Pain Again.. God Has Strengthen Me Though  To Stay Positive No Matter The Circumstances ,  I Keep Him Close No One Else.