Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Sent My Mind On A Journey This Morning , Perhaps To The Outermost God...

There are times when you just wanna know why and You  Search Far and Wide For An Answer. Sometimes from God……Sometimes from yourself.

 & Yet In The Mist Of It All  I am  Forever Thankful & Grateful No Matter My Circumstances ..
God Has Always Been Good To Me  & For That Reason  I Try To Be Nice To Others . Sometimes I Feel Like I Don't Deserve His Love, Kindness, &  Mercy. But I Guess He Understands A Poor Woman's Soul  And The Battles She  Fight Everyday .. Best Of All He See  What Others Can't ... & He Judge Based On What Lies Within  A Sinner Heart. God Is Good  =)

                                                   My Helper In My Times Of Need

  Be Selective In Your Battles, Sometimes Peace Is Better Than Being Right.

    Get Off The Merry Go Around Trash ... Its Very Unattractive Just Live & Let Live

                       You Are Not The Only One, Trying To Be The Only One ..

                                      You Care About The Wrong Things Sweetie  !!!

                   The More You Love Yourself The More You Will Love Other!!

Bad Company  Corrupts   Good Character & That's The Truth!!! Chose Your Friends Wisely 

Gratitude & Love  Is When Memories Are Stored In Your Heart ,Not In Your Mind.

  Let Me Translate In English  ... My Plan ''A'' Is To Never Be Someone Else  Plan ''B''

My Son Is So Cute  ...Last Night I Wanted To Play With His 3ds  '' Super Mario Bros'' And  Since I'm Not Good At It He Goes To Me : Mommy Just Try Your Best .. I Thought That Was The Sweetest Thing He Ever Said To Me .. & Honestly It Made Me Very Proud  To Know That My Little Guy Knows That Trying  Your Best Is Better Than Not Trying At All ... My Son Never Fails To Sooth My Soul =)

                        It's Time To Wake Up From Your Dream  ... & Face Your Reality