Thursday, January 24, 2013

We As A Race Are Becoming So Perverse, So jaded, So Violent, that we Can't Judge Properly Anymore.

                   I Dont Follow The Status Quo By Wanting What Everyone Else Does

I  Found Within Myself, An Overwhelming Sense Of Satisfaction Beyond Any Realm Of Which I Believed Satisfaction Can Be Appreciated. When You Suffer Enough & Eventually Turbulent Waters Begin To Still,One Can Easily Hear & See What's Been There Hiding All Along Much More Clearly & Favorably .I Call It Being Grateful For All That You Have.For Allowing Yourself To Look At The Softer Agreeable Side Of Everything...( Yes It Does Exist If You Take Enough Time To Notice )Its Changing Your Outlook From Stormy,Obsessive,Bitter, & Cynical  To Faithful , Loving, Hopeful  And Appreciative Of Life Many Precious Gifts.

I Pray. I Seek Answers. I Reflect. &  I Believe, .. And To Be Honest Doing So Has Gotten Me Through My Darkest  Days & Shown Me How To Appreciate Those That Have Been Their Brightest.

I'm Happy Because Iam Who Iam . Because I Take Nothing For Granted. Because I'm Willing To See What Others Won't .Because It's Ultimately A Choice That I Make Independently .

Satisfaction In Life Doesn't Have To Come With Great Cost .It Should Come With Knowing
You Possess Your Ability To Be Happy In Being  Who You Are As A Unique Individual, Without Having To Rely On Others To Provide You With What Isn't Missing - It's There Now You Just Need  To Search Within Yourself And Find It  =)

I Dont Know But ...No one has Their Own Sense of style Anymore. Just a Bunch of Copy cats Following The Same Trends.

Woke up blessed! Life is Difficult but as long as there is Breath In Me I will be Forever Thankful To God 

I can never Live A Complete Life With A Chained Up Heart. I Guess I've Been Protecting My Heart Like A Soldier In a Battle Field. =)

A compatible partner isn't someone with your interests, but someone who respects your interests."

                                         I See The pain Hidden in your Pride"

They say that A Relationship with no Arguments, Is a Relationship with a lot of Secrets. But That's not Necessarily True ..Often Times It Means Communication Is present ..A Foundation was Built first. The Very Base That sustains Not A perfect Relationship But A Healthy One 
...In My Opinion Of Course

Speak kind Words to Yourself Believe Me; If you are incapable of being intimate with yourself or deem it silly And Unnecessary Guess What?... As You Think So Will You Attract.