Monday, January 14, 2013

He Kiss All Of My Flaws And Tell Me I'm Just Right For Him.."

Change the way you think. Stay positive and stay hungry for improvement .. you will be rewarded. Trust me.

                                              I Know Its Crazy But I Feel Naked With Out My Phone ...

 Take your money & Ego. Give me some real deep shit and ill stay to listen.

                    Its Hard To live in a world with so many godless People it bothers my soul." ..

I Love the way your body talks..come a little closer baby

Too Many Rappers Actin like Fake Billionaires Lol  The Real Go Getters Stay Low

                                   I Dont Need No Bold Headed Man In A Book Telling Me
                                   I'm Strong And & Independent ..Honey That's A Given!!

 I want to be the only woman that will ever matter to you, Right next to your mama"