Monday, February 4, 2013

I Share My feelings with Others, But still Hold Myself with Grace And Poise.

                            Authenticity, Authenticity, AUTHENTICITY...Written All Over Me ..=)

                           I'm Always viewing life as a playground rather than a battleground

I have everything I need within me right NOW to be more than enough. Sexy Enough, Smart Enough, Poised Enough, Beautiful Enough – All of it. =)

                           It is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation… period."

 My confidence puts me at ease and relieves me of any desire or need to validate myself to my company.
                             I love My Best-Friend to Death. Hes the Motherfucking Greatest. ♥

 I Messed up a couple of times, but that's life. I don't weep about it, I pick myself up & keep it moving.

                                    One day we broke day we rich forever...

                                    I let actions, rather than loud words, prove to others who I am 

Let go of the past, Dont look too deep into your future.. but embrace the moment !! focus on your present because to tomorrow is not guaranteed.

         I Deal with Everything On My Own.With A Simple Prayer!... Lets just Leave it at That.

                              It's still the Same Old Story a Fight for Love and Glory

It is a beautiful world full of possibilities and opportunities. It is only up to you to take the prize with the right approach and perspective.

  Everybody likes to blame shit on everybody else so they don't have to own up to it themselves.