Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why Think Like A Man? ..When I'm All Woman !.."I love every aspect and every minute of Being, Acting & Thinking Like A Lady =)

Some people are so mentally unstable even the weakest people can make them change their minds.

                 “Let me be patient, let me be kind, make me unselfish, without being blind,

                                    Why thank you Life knowledgeable ones. Thank you indeed.

On another random note. I love my Life, and am so happy to be in a relationship With God that truly mirrors the things I need to work on.

The only help I need to live is unprofessional The only wealth I have to give is not material & if you need much more than that I'm not available

Were all dealing with the same demons.. that's why i Dont judge anyone.

My dear, You are a very important woman. You are strong, outspoken, brash, sexy, kind & necessary. I love everything about Me. <3

                    Goodbye baby gap hello Abercrombie & Fitch my son is growing to fast ...

                             "A little man's gotta do, what a little man's gotta do"..Edward Lol

They think I've had it easy. I've had it the worst way possible. But I appreciate it all....I'm A Head Strong Soldier

                                              “How you gone win, when you ain't right within !!

It's one thing to have people in your life who come over when you need em, but to show up when other people need em is pretty beautiful.On this Day, I feel blessed & humbled that God chose me With all of the darkness in the world, I see the light. I am safe because I'm his.