Monday, January 21, 2013

I've Got A Certain Lust For Life..

I'm A Movement By Myself, But I'm A Force When We're Together

This little person has filled the last 365 days of my life and Than Some with so much Happiness and Joy. I love him since the second he was born, forever and all the time in between. My love for him is incomparable. I can say that I now know the full extent of my mother's love for me. Edward Jr Is  my most priced possession, My Gift My Heart  My Life .. Mommy Loves You Always & Forever More ! XO''

I am right where I need to be. With who I need to be with. Understood by who I want to understand me. . I am thankful.

Dont judge my moves because there's a logical reason behind every one of them

                                                          One Of My Favorite Quotes  =)

                                  I Love My Nephews Soo Much  Kelvin, Justin, & Little Devin..
                                                             ''My iPad  Junkie''.. Lol

                                   My Greatest Pride & Joy  My One & Only Little Boy ...
                                                       Edward Alan Rayford Jr.

The Weekend Was Great  we had so much fun at my sisters Kilsy baby shower I honestly can't wait to meet Little Denzel .We are all Anxious & super Excited to meet him God has Truly Blessed My Family Abundantly I'm such a proud Auntie !!! Counting The Days XO '' .. Lol   =)

                                             Count your blessings everyday.; =)'