Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm A Down to Earth Kinda Chick

Your Love Is King .. by Sade  is the Realest Thing. I can feel every word as if its my own.

Let Me Tell You Once You've Experienced How Real God Is Nothing Else Is Impressive.

A real woman never limits her man from any sort of advancement. She never lets her insecurities defeat her purpose as his woman.

                          You'll never catch me fantasizing, I'm grounded and chained to reality.


                   It's Pay Day You Know What That Means ...Purse Full of Dead Presidents

                                               Its so sexy when a guy touches my thighs, man !

Don't ever sell yourself short in any facet of your life..."Remember to be Bold, Courageous and Unapologetic"                  ...You deserve all of the greatness the universe has to offer!