Thursday, August 23, 2012

❤ Always In My Heart ❤

❤ Dear Father Of My Son 
 I Know Its Been Five Years Since You Be Gone.  But To Me It Feels Like Yesterday  ....Now Why  Is That? ..... And I Miss You & Love You Just The Same...
It Has Been Really  ,Really Hard Letting Go ... It Really Has  ....God Knows It Is Hard To Live Holding On To A Thought & A  Memory ... Though In One Of My Dreams You Said To Me That It Would Be Foolish To Hold On To Memories... But How Can That Be Foolish? ..
Sometimes, Around This Time & Most Times I Strongly Wish You Were Here  & Our Son Look So Much Like You , He Really Does . I Look At Him & So Much Joy Comes Over Me ... Is Like I'm Looking At You Through His Eyes   And I Find Myself  Hugging  Him So Tight  & Kissing Him A Thousand Times, And Than He Ask Me Mommy Why Do You Cry? .. & I Just Tell Him  Because I Love Him So Much  & How Blessed I am To Have Him ...  & He Smiles With A Content Heart... =) 
 And You Know What I Learned Over The Years,  That Letting Go Is Not About Weakness At All Is About Strength !!!.... And Trusting God With All That I am ..

 You Know God Has Been My Everything He Has Carry Me Through My Darkest Hours & Has Brought Into The Light 
Because Things Have Not Been Easy. It Has Been A Challenge . But Truly God Has Strengthen  Me In My Times Of Need .. I Feel Blessed !!!... =) ...&   I Thank You For Giving Me Such a Precious Gift Our Son Edward Jr.... Each & Everyday He Reminds Me That  We Must Go On   Because Something Beautiful Can Be Waiting Somewhere , Somewhere ...When We  Least Expected. Thank You For Everything & You Will Forever Hold A Special Place In My Heart.


❤ Happy  Birthday Edward ❤ 
8/26/80 - 10/28/2006

He Sunrise Heart Of Mine  No Matter How I Try I See You Through His Eyes & For A Moment I Want To Cry & Laugh All At The Same Time.. Dear God Thank You For Being So Good To Me , For Allowing Me To See What Others Can Only Dream