Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Submission Is Not Weakness. Far From it. It's Actually The Stronger Position! But Only A Woman Of Wisdom Will Understand This.

I Don't Compete. You either want me in your life or you don't. I'm not going to be one of those individuals who put their life on hold while you try and figure it out who you'd rather be with. Treat me like a priority, And I'm all yours. Treat me like an option though, and I'll leave. It's as simple as that.

Everything rare is expensive: the more we’re seen, the more we’re heard, the more we do, the more ordinary we seem. If you’re part of a group, stay away for a while and people will talk about you more, they’ll even admire you more. Practice absence: scarcity will increase your value.

It's Easy To Take Off Your Clothes & Have Sex , People Do It All The Time..But Opening Up Your Soul To Someone & Letting Them Into Your Thoughts , Fears , Future , Hopes & Dreams  That's Being NAKED !

                                        Our Birdies..  Lola & Juliet .. Aren't They Lovely ?

                                         I Love This Place Y La Comida Es Deliciosa

       Now That's How You Order Spanish Food   Arroz Con Pollo y salse picante

Sweetie That's A Fact  ... Impatience is My Weakness I'll Get Bored Waiting & Find What I need Somewhere Else

                                       Make Yourself Very Happy & Live A Full Life ..xox'

  Being a challenge in today's society pays off in the long run. It is better to do the right thing and go against the grain, than go along with what the majority of people do and consider "cool".

    My Nephew Is Growing Way Too Fast Time Really Need To Slow Down !!

                                          World Greatest Son... My Prince Edward


The more mature you become, the more bullshit you let roll off your back.       



I've done a lot of growing up, and i'm honestly proud of myself as well as my accomplishments."

Silly me. I thought men appreciated qualities like natural beauty, politeness, and traditionalism in women.

                         I'm  a “Rare” Woman Indeed 

A woman who pleases you sexually has nothing on a woman who pleases you emotionally & spiritually.

I Believe the Most Difficult Situation you can ever be faced with is deciding whether you should just move on or hold on A little tighter. Move on, and maybe you'll lose a chance at the best thing that could have ever happened, or hold on, And have the possibility of one day it being the biggest disaster ever created. Good Morning  & Stay Blessed xo ..L Acosta