Thursday, May 16, 2013

"My Mind" Is Something That I Cultivate And Treasure

Dear World,
When I Was Alone &  Had Nothing  I Ask For A Friend To Help Me Bear The Pain But No One Came .. Except God!...
When I Needed A Breath To Rise From My Sleep No One Could Help Me .. Except God..
When All I Saw Was Sadness & Needed Answers No One Heard Me....  Except God
So When I am Asked Who Do I Give My Unconditional Love To  I  Look For No Other Name..Except God!

 I Now Know  My Heart's Desire .. So Glad  I Quenched  That  Burning Fire !

If My Doubts & Questions Upset You,  Forgive My Fragile Heart I Just Wanted To Know If You Love Me Before This Day Would Start .

Someone Said That Its Best To Shoot For The Moon, Because Even If You Miss Atleast You Still Land Among The Stars & I Have To Agree =)