Tuesday, May 14, 2013

♥ And This Is How A Lucky Woman Finishes Her Mother's Day, Next To Her Prince Charming ♥

 Being A Mother Is The Most Wonderful Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me. The Day My Son Was Handed To Me I Knew My Life Would Never Be The Same Again . I Knew That True Happiness Was Given To Me. I am A Proud Mommy & Forever Will Hold My Title With Pride. My Goal Is To Make My Son Happy , Make Him Proud Of Me , Turn Him Into A Great Loving Gentlemen With A Life Full Of Success. However It's Not The Title That Counts It's The Devotion & Commitment That Comes With Being A Mom.  Happy Mother's Day To All The Wonderful Mommies  Out There! ..Stay Blessed

Now The More  I Think About It...   He Is The Reason Why I Expect So Much Of  Men .. He Treats Me Like A Lady. And Once You Get Used To Being Treated Well You Can't Go Back To Bullshit !

Certain Things Don't Work Out Because There Is Something Better Waiting For You Around The Corner.

                                      Seriously Though I Prefer Quality Over Quantity !

Whats Wrong With Being An Open, Honest , Vulnerable , Pro Active Real Woman With  Her Own Mind,   Body & Soul ?

                                        It's The Fragrance Of My  Spirit; The Aura Of My Soul

   Don't Listen ! Just Watch...  People Will Show You Their True Character With Their Actions

            He Is Aware Of My Bossy & Sometimes Cold Attitude , Yet He Loves Me Still .

                                                  My Sister Carolina & Her Other Half .

                                       My Sister Kilsy & Her Family On Mothers Day ..

So Proud Of My Little MAN ..Forever Blessed , Happy & Fortunate To HAVE Such a MAN

      My Precious Son .. My Heaven On Earth .. You Move, Inspire & Empower Me.

 Submission is not weakness. Far from it. It's actually the stronger position! But only a woman of wisdom will understand this.

The world can seem like a scary place. And it is. But in reality, its just a blank slate. It's a blank canvas, and you are the artist. You can create your life to be whatever you want it to be. But you can't do this until you first realize that YOU are responsible for making your life what you want it to be.

Change is the only constant in life so it would be worthwhile changing for the better. Do not let fear, anxiety and worry dominate your thoughts when you take a decision. Opportunities are the keys to great learning experiences and sustained growth, but fear prevents people from taking up these opportunities and/or persisting with them. Being creative helps you develop as a person. It builds self-confidence and helps to overcome fear... Be Strong , Be Positive  Be Happy  & Stay Blessed