Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine ..Refreshing My Thoughts With Lovely Colors & Peace Of Mind

For Some Spring Is Just A Season But To Me Is More Like A Gift To See ,Smell , Hear & Touch The Beautiful World Around Us ...  I Just Love The Colors Of Spring .They Make Me So Happy Just The Thought Of Knowing That Everything Is Growing & Blooming All Over Again Inspires Me To Admire  Life & Its Beauty . I Love Waking Up To The Sound  Of The Birds Chirping , Lovely To See  The Sky So Blue, As I Enjoy My Morning Cup Of Coffee Sitting Out Side My Back Yard . And  It's Neither Cold Nor Hot During This Short But Beautiful Time Of The Year. Seriously  God Creation Is  Worth Of Admiration .To Me The Beauty Of Spring Is  Breath Taking & Worthwhile  How Can One Wake Up And Not  Have A Good Reason  To Smile... =)

My Little Sunshine Was Born In The Month Of Spring March . .. I Considerate it & Call It  The Month Of  Rebirth . Yes, Rebirth Because The World Is Purified With Rain From Above , Giving Life To Things & People Just The Same.  Not For Nothing But Around This Time Every Soul On This Amazing Green Planet   Begin  To Prepare With Excitement For What Spring Brings... Lots Of  Fun In The Sun ..

Some Times The Smallest Things Take Up The Most Room In Your Heart. I Personally Find That To Be Very True....