Monday, March 18, 2013

A Penny For Your Thoughts.. One Might Ask ???

                     He Loves To Talk About Those Things That Are Relevant...

Everybody Has A Story To Tell...Yet, Nobody Listens. So The Man In The Corner Tells His Newly Discovered  Prey The Things She Wants To Hear. His Wife Doesn't Understand Him . And  He Is Only Thinking About The Children . And  She Plays Along  Making  It Perfectly Clear That She's Never Done That Sorta Thing Before. He's So Lonely And So Misunderstood ....... But She  Knows The Truth . His Wife Doesn't  Understand Him Because He Is Never There.... And  He Was So Intrigue By Her Beauty & Enchanting Personality That He Fail To Notice She Was Not The Desperate Kind , Looking To Be Dine & Wine . ...With A  Lovely Smile She Listen To The Handsome Man Speak , But She Knows That A  Lie Is Only A lie If You Believe It  & Some People Will Believe Anything If It's Convenient ....So She Gently Kissed Him On The Cheek And  No Sooner She Walked Away From The Crime Scene...  She's Not About To Become A Victim Of  Another Selfish Man  Scheme.... By L. Acosta''  ''Her Weekend Story ''  =)

                               Sometimes,  Silence Can Be The Smartest Remark .

I Can't Deal With Spoiled People.They Have A Huge Lack Of Disrespect For The Simply Things.

      Believe Me ,  It Is Foolish & A Waste Of Energy  To Assume Or Judge...

Dear God, When Feelings Of Inferiority, Insecurities, And Self-Doubt Creep Into My Heart Please Help Me See Myself The Way You Do.. Thanks In  Advance   =)

    The Cute Things My Little Dream Boat Say... Make Me Laugh Uncontrollably =)
                                               Lol ...Read Below Please =)

 Of Course I Had To Share It On My Instagram....!!!  Sharing Is Caring Lol

And  I Have A Million Reasons To Smile & Be Thankful & Grateful For... Every Single Day Of My Life

A Good Life Is When You Smile Often . Kind & Sweet . Laugh A Lot  & Realize How Blessed You Are For What You Have .. The Small Things In This  Life  Are The Ones With More Meaning & Value =)
Trust Me On This One....

Look For Something Positive In Each Day, Even If Some Days You Have To Look A Little Harder.Let The Challenge Make You Strong...

All the hardest, coldest people you meet were once as soft as water. And that's the tragedy of life.

Sometimes the people that are your biggest blessings are the ones farthest away.

If He Doesn't  Have Ambition  To Do For Himself..He Won't Do For You Either