Monday, November 5, 2012

And on the 8th Day he said let There be a Queen. And then there was me. And because he Said it, it was Good...Lol =)

                      If you look at the world through my eyes..your life wont be the same

                    I keep my personal life off social networks .. too much bs in the long run

The most Supreme Being is the one that stays Humble & Undefeated and Continue to inspire others to do the same...take lead.

                                              My Handsome Heart ...Edward Jr.

   Sometimes it not even like that. The ones I talk to the least I keep the closest to me.


                             Give your love & attention to the right people.. 
                           The right people love & show affection ALWAYS - 
                                    Not only when it's convenient for Them.

            My Brother Is Blessed With The Strength Of A Soldier ....Acosta Is Hella Army Strong!!!

                           If you gave Me a penny for My  thoughts, you'd get change.

                     There's a love I have for certain people that most just don't understand.

I got the least bit of hate in Me. The "make-ya-feel-good-at-all-Times" Typa Shit. I Love Myself for that !! No Negativity Here =)

                      This is it, life will never be better, or sweeter than this.' Lol' Who am I Kidding?  Life
                                            Always Get Better And Sweeter With Time... =)

I Love You For Who You Are, All That you have Been , And All You're Yet To Be

They Say That Life Is Bitter Sweet  But I Prefer The Sweeter Side Of Everything