Monday, November 26, 2012

Feel so blessed, accomplished & grateful to have experienced so many wonderful things in 30 years. 

                                Happy birthday ! 30 Never looked so good! Lol

This Is Just Beautiful Every Time I read It I feel A certain Peace Within =)

I'm Hopelessly Devoted To YOU !!! Rest Your Love On Me

                                    YOU'LL Never Find Someone who LOVES You Tender Like I do!!!

 Let the negative people be negative. Just separate yourself from them. Misery loves company."
There's people out there that will categorize you based on how you sound. If your words make you seem uneducated then it's likely ....


Success at any price seems to be your motto. The price you usually pay is never being able to relax and enjoy life.

If you don't hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes. Dont invent it with your small mind and share with your big mouth.

                                                       My Lovely Mother & Me

                                                          Sexy All The Way

                                                '' LMAO''  ...ha haa I Love This

  I like The dreams of My Future Better Than The History Of My Past.Good Morning Sweeties Lol

Thank you ALL for the birthday love!!! Im so overwhelmed with happiness and appreciation of your kind words:) SO thankful!

Power & wealth starts within. If you're not in control of your emotions & state of mind, then how are u going to be a leader to others.

                                                  You Know You Want Me!


                     Upgraded Kim!!..Mentality of a king but she carry herself like a queen.


Last year this time I was nowhere near where I'm at today. Can you say the same for yourself? Keep it moving keep progressing.

I'm witty, insightful And I'm always wearing those funky High Heels With Them Short, short skirts or Tight Little Dresses .

                                     He Is Stunning Like His Mommy ... Lol

 ''Only A woman Unsure Of her Position Tries To Prove Herself But I Think That What's 
 Understood doesn't  Need To Be Explained. I'm Never Oblivious To Reality Of Anything In life ... and By playing cool does not mean playing fool.. It just means that I'm in control of my situation Because A Queen does not come off her throne to address a peasant  =)  '' 

I don't believe i'm much better than anyone else, I've just reached a higher conscious & awakened mentally & spiritually.