Tuesday, April 22, 2014

♥For the love of my life ... My Son Edward ♥

Dear Son ,
I just wanted to take this moment to express the joy it is to have you for a son and how lucky I've been to be able to love you and see you grow and learn new things as time passes by . I guess i just want to keep
you small and lovable for as long as I can. But then I realize with every passing moment  that I'm  learning  something new about you , and with every age and stage you become more independent & sharp as pencil  something I truly admire of you. As I discover you I find myself discovering myself and how attached  Iam to your heart because you're my heart .♥
You see, I've Learned  that  growing up is part of life  and no matter how much i would love to keep you young  you must grow strong , healthy  and independently . I guess it's not so bad that you're actually getting older and besides that's the way god intented things to be . Sweetheart , I  feel truly blessed and fortunate to have such a funny, loving,  silly , smart little booger like you  ( smiles)...  your  innocent ways is what make this journey worth while and I  love every single minute of it!!! ....   I' am and always will be proud of you.I hope you know that   pure joy is what I experience  everyday. There is never a dull moment with you .I thank my dear god every day for you . I LOVE YOU  Edward A. Rayford Jr , And thank you so much for choosing me as your mother . You are the joy that I will carry in my heart forever more, & may your life be blessed with many great things . You are an Amazing, Smart And Important Human Being .
 I Love You Son,

The moment You Were Born I Realized The Most Important Thing And Needed To Do And  The Best Job I Would Have In Life, Was Being A Mom. You're mom =) 

                                         My Life is blessed with something Beautiful ... Edward =) 

'My Precious Edward , You made me see that I was suddenly able to love harder than ever and loving someone else more than myself, was my destiny.
'Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life. I love you more than I ever thought possible, or that I ever could've imagined.  'You are where my journey began, you are my heart. I love you so very much, Mommy.'