Monday, April 28, 2014

My Man Candy Monday Edward.... My World & The Love Of My LIFE . =) 

when  you receive  the love & understanding  you give, its a #beautiful thing.

My son makes me laugh out aloud  with the cute little things he says.

 Learned to be happy without a reason. Because if you only know how to be happy with a reason, that reason can be taken away from you.#BLESSED  

Never question the journey.. The path you're on is for a reason.

Life passes by so fast, so do what makes you happy.Thank you Lord for another beautifully wonderful day
Good Morning Beautiful People  =)

 I hope our future Daughter is just like Wednesday Adams... Too smart/witty/clever beyond her years.

Its been a long time since someone looked at me that way. Its like you knew me and all the things I couldn't say.

Thank you lord for being so great and wonderful, and most of all thank you for your  Unconditional   #Love    #patience , #mercy , & for everything you have done to bring me this far . I'm nothing without you & everything with you . No Weapon  Formed Against Me  Shall Prosper.
I'm More Than A Conqueror  Thanks To You  Jehovah  Jireh , My Alfa & Omega the beginning and the end .  Yours Truly    #lacosta  

                                    Had A Blessed , Peaceful kinda Fun Weekend .