Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why yes, I very much so enjoy being a woman

"Remember not to lose urself in the ocean of other people's madness"

When someone's presence just feels so good................

                  Her virtues, few as they may have been, were cherished in spite of it.

Be unstoppable. Be invincible. Be vigilant. Be fearless. Be unfuckwittable.

I'd wash the sand off the shore Give you the world if it was mine

There's #beauty in everything, good or bad. Once you have the eye for that, nothing is as bad as it seems. Then nothing at all can stop you.

Sometimes you just gotta take a moment and... THANK GOD!!!

Last night was a very INTERESTING experience. : Singing and smiling all morning. I have so much to be grateful for ! & thanks to everyone that took the time to wish me well on my birthday i truly appreciate it THANKS !!! again & have a beautiful , blessed day #godisgreat  

 because life  still holds beauty in abundance to bring out the best in you .

Love & embrace yourself 100%  ....I'm Addicted To  Sunshine and Blue skies, There is  Peace in Heart & Tranquil is My Mind.... Good Morning , GOD Is Amazing  God gave me style and gave me grace, God put a #SMILE  upon my face...