Monday, November 18, 2013

Often, out of our greatest rejection comes our greatest direction.

Sometimes the army of one works like the army of many, and sometimes the army of many works like the army of one.

Angels will never pretend to be demons, but a demon will pretend to be an angel.

Yes I am only human...however I am a creation of the most high..

Good things come to those with good intentions. what you do for others GOD will deff do for you

When you are going through difficulty & wonder where God is remember the teacher is always quiet during the test.

Examine what you tolerate. Don't accommodate bullshit. Set a firm boundary....always.

#It's amazing what great things god will put in your hands once you let go of the bad things you've held in your heart.

 Do not wear your sins and imperfections on your shoulders, everyday is a new day to learn from them, making yourself, a better YOU!

Just because you have ears, doesn't mean you listening, and because you have eyes doesn't mean you #see...

It's Monday and the world is yours!! make positive moves for a better tomorrow, have a great day !! 
Life is too short to invest time in negative things thoughts or people. We all deserve happiness so go out and GET IT!! have a great day :)