Thursday, February 28, 2013

There Is Not One Single Person In All The Earth Who Is Always Good & Never Sins.

My Younger Sister Kilsy  has been an Credible Loving , Kind & Fun Auntie To all her Nephews & Niece.  I Have No Doubt In My Mind That She Will Be An Amazing Mother To Denzel. Her First Bundle of Joy & Little Prince .God  Has & Will Continue To bless Her With Many Good Things. I Love You Both So Much & Thanks For Everything 

                                   I Finally Met My New Nephew He Is Gorgeous ..
                         I Held Him & I Was Smitten God Bless You Always Denzel

                             No one can let you down when you're already grounded"

His Favorite Book ''Eight Silly Monkeys'' I must Have Read It To Him A Thousand Times Lol

              If You Wait For Prefect Conditions You Will Never Get Anything Done ...

I'm completely traditional when it comes to relationships. I'm a strong woman but i know when to be submissive..

          Kind Words Are Like Honey , Sweet To The Soul & Healthy For The Body ..

                    In The End People Appreciate Frankness More Than Flattery.

                                     He Greets Me With Sweet Kisses And Warm Smiles...

                            The More Words You Speak The Less They Mean ,
                                               So Why Over Do Them ?
         Remember Two Ears To Listen More, One Mouth To Speak Less.

Everyone Enjoys A Fitting, Reply ,..It Is Wonderful To Say The Right Thing At The Right Time...

And So Forget All The Worries & Strain Of These Past Few Weeks.The Decisions Are Made And The Plans Are In Motion. All Is Well & You Are Ready. We Are Ready. Enjoy Today! Trust ! & Just Let The Day Happen All Around You As You Walk Joyfully Into The Waiting Arms Of Your Beloved..& Remember People Are Beautiful Not In Looks , Not In What They Say,  But Just  In What They Are...

And  On The 8th Day He Said Let There Be A Prince  & Than There Was Edward And Because He Said It Was Good.. Lol  =)

For Years I have Tried My BEST to Let Wisdom Guide My Thoughts & Actions .I Say To Myself I am Determined To Be Wise,  But It Doesn't Work. It Seems Like Wisdom Is Distant And Very Difficult To Find..I've Searched Everywhere Determined to find Wisdom & In Hope To Understand The Reason For Things. I Was Determined To Prove To Myself That Wickedness Is Stupid & Foolishness Is Madness .. But I'm Still Searching  For It .....& I Long To Find It.... ( sigh )

I think two callous , cold -hearted people would only reproduce a bunch of Adolph Hitlers...that's why i think opposites attract According to universal laws, everything, particularly relationships need to be balanced like the yin and yang” in order to properly function. & I Totally Agree

You Have No Idea How Closely I Wrap Myself Around Your Heart 

                                                             Proud Cousin Edward 

                                                 Dios Bendiga A Mi Sobrino Siempre

Welcome To The World Denzel 
'It's such a magical feeling to be an Auntie Once Again ...I met My Precious Nephew and I'm  In Love   “Such an Amazing Day !!!!! He is Absolutely Perfect! I am  excited Beyond Words to be an aunt again   and can’t wait to spoil little Denzel. I know Edward & The Rest Of The Clan is going to be the best Big Cousins in the whole world. Congratulations To  My Sister  Kilsy and Elvis.”