Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm not just the best... I'm an absolute one of a kind, unforgettable, and once in a lifetime.

You don't get to call yourself a "bad bitch" if you think that controlling men is more important than controlling money.

 can't fake it. I'm human. I bleed like u bleed. I hurt like you hurt. I'm strong, but even the strong feel too. Time to get my mind right.

Your intuition always knows and if you ignore it, it will show you the truth in a less subtle way. Just listen to yourself. Very closely.

                                            I have a hate-hate relationship with pants.

I've taken too many steps forward and in the right direction than to allow myself to backtrack to a place that is wrong for me.

My bullshit filter gets clogged every time that you speak to me.

Fake People Talk About Other People Being Fake, Real People Worry About Their Business & Nobody Else's.

Sometimes I hate the fact that I'm very good at what I do..therefore people come to me because I'm the only one that can get the job done...I Work Hard !!!