Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Always Wear It With Confidence And You'll Look Sexy.

              The only thing that I filter is my coffee. My words, however, are a whole different story.

                                                    All ready and shiny and smiles! :

                     I find it amusing when people get all bent out of shape over my post on Facebook.

My boss,in a stressful rage,said "I'm going to tie you up & beat you" & I instinctively responded "Well...If you're offering

 I hate to advocate alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.

 It doesn't matter how pretty a girl is if she has no confidence & low self-esteem. To the world, she'll be as ugly as she thinks she is.

 Don’t bother opening up your eyes if you’re not going to make the effort to open up your mind.

 I'm not saying u have to like everyone, but if u spend a whole hour talking shit about other people, it's safe to say Your life is miserable.

                      The only time that you told the truth was when your mouth was closed

 I started the year off single, because what u put up with, You end up with & I refuse to accept less than I deserve. This is the year of ME

               If they don't appreciate your presence, let them live their life with your absence.

 I don't play when it comes to my family's well being.You don't even want to see the demon that will come out of me if u try & mess with them

Call me old fashioned, but I just think that a woman will ALWAYS look better in heels than in ANY other type of shoes.

                  No matter how good your game was, she wasn't with it.

       Michael Kors, Gucci, Fendi, & Prada Other Bitches Wear That Shit So I Dont Even Botha'..

                                      She Can Love You Good But I Can Love You Betta.

                                           Things get messy when you're having fun.

I can stimulate your mind as well as I could stimulate your body... Which is pretty damn good.

                            Closed mouths don't get fed. If you want something, then demand it.

                    I always feel a little bit more fancy when my panties match my outfit.

                           My bullshit filter gets clogged every time that you speak to me.

The internet has made pseudo-fame something that everybody wants; Including myself.