Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney's Music Touched So Many Hearts Including Mine

 I’m creating my own Whitney list of memories here
but first i would like to say,
She was taken from us way too soon. 

She was sick for so long 
and my only solace is that she doesn't have to fight any more =)

In many of her interviews I saw she was really trying to get better but i also notice she  didn't have much strength. I think her body fought three lifetimes worth in all her years . some times I would think about what it took for her to just get through every day . It took the strength many of us only have to summon once in a lifetime.. she really tried to fight those demons who kept her in the shadows for so long.what I loved the most about Whitney Houston was that even in the midst of her struggles, pain and addiction  she praised god  she didn't lose faith in him she  made sure the people, her fans and the world knew she still believe in Jesus god almighty and I  loved that about her  she knew god was going to deliver her and he did....He Called Her Home ..May God Rest Her Soul..... But Her Music Will Live On Forever ....''My love for her music grew as time went by I started listening to Houston's songs since I was eight, I even sang Whitney Houston's popular hit Greatest Love of All with my friends in grammar school, I  used  to dance along to the song I Wanna Dance with Somebody  and ( So Emotional ) in my room  with my sisters when i was young,  Whitney Houston's song One Moment in Time got me  through stressful times .When I needed a pick-me-up, I listened to that song and it helped me stay on the course of things,Her songs were very inspiring to me. She will never be replaced,Saving All My Love Is And Always Will be my favorite song  By Whitney Houston =)