Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm always happy when I'm surrounded by water. I guess that's why I love and enjoy the summer so much, because its the only season I can go to the beach. I truly feel connected to everything & at the same time I feel free. The ocean makes  me feel really small & puts my Whole life into perspective. It reminds me that I'm this very little piece of this huge beautiful green earth, and it humbles me and it almost make me feel like I've been baptist and born again when i get out of the ocean, & I don't quite feel the same. When I'm near the ocean I'm in such great peaceful state. My mind is at ease. No wonder god took his time to gives us the best things in life . The gift to see, hear & touch the world around us. Sometimes its almost unreal to me that we are given life , to give life & enjoy life for a brief moment. I know that I've Been blessed in many indescribable ways, So I cherish every moment here & everywhere ...because at the end of the day the little things are the ones that have more meaning in this life. L~Acosta


               I Don't look at some people the same anymore.

                           The ocean inspires purity,

The only person on this planet I Give My all To is... My Edward  

I often wonder, if callous cold hearted people feel the chill of their own souls.