Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Tougher The Lesson..The Bigger The Blessing

                 The way I live my life is purely & simply .... POSITIVE !!!  WHY ?

Because i trust god ! because i know he is my driving force that sustains me. Because i have every reason to be. because every new day is very beautiful ,blessed and good day full of wonder & new things to learn & discover . Because life is good no matter the circumstances , because what lies ahead for me can only be good. because my son bring out the best in me . Because my family is my greatest blessing. because every breathe i take i feel alive . and i'm constantly reminded  that my struggles make me stronger & with god who can come against me ?  I can proudly say with a smile on my face no one !  lol .... and  when negative thoughts try & creep into my mind i simply call his name Jehovah-jireh . I praise him in advance, every day,  all the time. And  nothing else matters to me  because he is in control . he is the creator!  MY CREATOR!!!  . and in my mind, heart and soul there is no other god above the heavens or underneath  the earth greater then GOD .  my Alpha & Omega . The beginning and the end  , the one that WAS, IS and always will BE  . You know Somehow he comforts me with  a quiet whisper that  fills my soul with joy , my mind with peace  & everything becomes still like the deep waters of the ocean without waves and currents . I feel this unadultered love ! pure love  ....  I dont think of the past nor the future. I really dont. I just live the now , the moment . ... why should i worry of what has passed ?  & why torment my mind with what is yet to be . that would be foolish dont you think ? ... well, over the years with my fears & tears I've learned to really trust GOD and in doing so i have witnessed many great things , how he pulled me from the fire in my darkest hours. When  my strength seem to have weaken he came to my rescue. He delivered me and put  me in a high place full of light ,  mercy , peace and love . You see, I'm proud of every scar in my heart  because each one holds a lifetime worth of leassons. &  I learned  that life doesnt get easier i just get stronger. I am extremely thanful for everything small and great & i believe god will continue to blessed me because he is one amazing , loving father . ....... so live , laugh,  love ,  and respect everything around you. and all shall be well all the days of your life  if you simply give thanks for the gift to see, smell, & touch the beautiful world around you . stay blessed and remember GOD is AMAZING in every way .