Thursday, August 1, 2013

I couldn't help but notice your pain It runs deep , Share it with me!

I'm #Sagittarius Rising I Was Born To Conquer ..I Can Become & Overcome Anything .

                           #Loving the opportunities that each & every new day brings.

I love positive and hilarious people, always know how to make a woman smile. #my  Sunday was truly blessed =) 

Step back and take a look at your life.. You're probably way more blessed then you give God credit for. have a blessed day  =)

                           #Turning nothing into something. Dust into profit. That's talent.

                                                      Same woman, just a different #mindset ..

When you #mature ,you look at a lot of things & people differently.. what used to be fun, aint fun no more. What used to be love, aint love no more