Thursday, September 27, 2012

Forget The Physical Part Of Me.. My Mind Is My Sex Appeal. ❤

Love Doesn't Make The World Go Round It Just Make The Ride Worthwhile ツ 

                                                Confidence ... Is Always Beautiful

 I Hate Excuses Or Complaints. I Had Nothing But Struggles To Begin With, So Hearing Your Whining Is Complete Fuckery. 

 People hate what they don't understand and judge what they don't know.

                           I Just Dont Understand Why People Are So Attracted To Quick Fixes!

  I know you want to hate me, but you just can't. You only hate the fact that I represent a part of you that you refuse to recognize                                   

No Disrespect To Manhood To Say That I am Perfectly Happy To Be A Woman ,To Feel Things No Man Will Ever Feel To The Degree That I Feel Them , To Experience The World In A Way No Man Ever Has.
And To Do So Without Apology Or Shame.ツ