Tuesday, July 10, 2012

John Legend Is The True Legend..He Sings With Less Stress..I Love Him

I won't Waste my time and hard Earned Money On Someone That's Not Fully Loyal To me. Keep it 100 & I will too.

                                         Time To Spiceeeeeee Things Up ;)

                        Baby let me ease ya mind take all ya pain and fears away...

      If you want to blow my whistle baby let me know...lol

 Life is short and bittersweet. I'm trying to make the most out of it...you should also.

You're with me tonight, but it's going to be so good that you'll still feel me tomorrow.

My coworker just literally told me (dead serious) "Well, you can never be scared for your life... You're from hell."

There's just something utterly sexy about watching a man eat and enjoy a meal that you've cooked for him.

                                             Unattainable goddess,So close, yet so far away.

                                                     One man's loss is another man's pleasure.

A woman’s mystery is one of the biggest attracting factors for a guy.

 I have lots of yang (fire)and men get intimidated and intrigued by me.