Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Outer Beauty , Inner Motives

All my life I dreamed of meeting  one with immense inner  passion , but not the kind  that burns and hurts . Rather a man that looks beyond physical beauty and understand how a woman should be treated in all circumstances. Dear world , I can  see right through his lusty eyes , when they locked with mines, and I had to ask myself.  Is that the only thing he can offer me ? Sex don't pay bills , trust me I know how that feels.  Perhaps He fails to see that sex is not what I seek , and yet my body yearns to feel his  burning passion, but my heart dismisses his advances in a dirty fashion . I don't know , maybe I am familiar  with such deadly action...  The one that leaves you empty and with little satisfaction. My tears warm my eyes and blur my vision. His out beauty and inner motives  inflame my decision . I gave him a subtle uninterested look , and continue to work on my psychology book . . By Leiby Acosta ~ another day in college city .