Thursday, January 26, 2012

MY SAVING GRACE... I Love you with all that I am

My Dearest Edward
It is so hard for me to express or describe what these past years have been like. No amount of words can describe the worries, the joy, and most importantly the love that have consumed my heart all starting with your first breath of air ...
Becoming a mom, most importantly --Your mom has been a wonderful experience and nothing will ever take the place of the emotions I felt the first time I held you in my arms. Over the years one thing has become increasingly clear: Motherhood is one of God’s greatest rewards in life. & I have been blessed with this opportunity.  Every Day Of my Life I Thank God For You  ....
Every new dawn is a new Day, a New Breath, A new Edward And a New Me. And it is you who brings me to life everyday. Edward, it is you who has taught me about the greatest rewards in this world.  It was you who brought me back to life . You Are that ray of sunshine that brightens My Entire Being  … I have become a woman beyond capable measures—totally exceeding any expectations I ever had for myself.  Thank You my son for blessing me with so much laughter , happiness, =) 
 I love You Son,