Monday, September 24, 2012

I Can't Say I'm The Perfect Woman..But I Must Say I'm A Rare One To Find.

I might listen if you tell me, but I'll definitely pay attention if you show me.

When I see someone in their own element, carefree or Raw af..Truly brings me joy. Real is REFRESHING.


                                           Stressed, Depressed, ..But Well Dressed
                                                        What A Feeling....

                    Never been the type to care for what others want for me. I do me.

                                 I LOVE THE PERSON I SEE IN THE MIRROR !! 

                                      Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

                                               I NEED THIS MAN IN MY LIFE .''.LOL''

                                          We're Just  Molecules, Cutie =)

                                Pretty Girls With Pretty Attitudes  Are A Blessing To The World.

                                         Stay Gold baby girl...don't let nothing knock that hustle.

                                             Thats Just The Way Life Goes...

                                                  Always & Forever My Darling =)

                                                  Fancy Bitches...Doing what they Do Best

Sometimes I Wonder, ... Am I ignoring the wrong people and giving a Chance to those who don't Deserve it ??

                                    Let Me Just Tell You Something ...Read on Below !

                                                 Thanks For Reading  now keep it Moving ...

                              I Kinda Dig You Too, ...But I'm In  A Situation.

                                 Listen,  YOU NEED TO LOVE ME & TREAT ME RIGHT
                                            EVERYDAY AND EVERY NIGHT!!

                                                   Only  Positive..Makes It Right!

 The music they make back in the day SHITS on the music of today..=)

 Back on my grind  gonna make today even better than yesterday

                                            Beautifully & Wonderfully Related..#Sisters For Life

                                If you're a  you know you're bound to be successful..

                                                      I'm A 8 Foot Person In A 5'2 Body

                                                    Its official I'm obsessed with Veggies 

 Garden State Mall I'm coming for you I need them fall Sweaters and Cozy Shit

                        When people walk up to me and ask me if " I'm Miss Acosta" lol

                                                  Don't Forget To Use It Asshole !


                                                     I'm Such A Primitive Lady!

                                                 I Want To See Less Stress More Smiles...

                                           For A Moment There I Thought it was Gaga Monroe  !!
                                               She's Perfect In My Eyez .......

                                 Nothing sexier Than My Favorite Color Gold!!

                    Dress Me In A Dress Please!  I Promise Not To Tease...

                                                Now That's something Beautiful ....

                                              OMGorgeous Nerd !!!

                                                    Keep Calm And Collected

                                  My Heart Never Been This Happy ..Thanks To My Little Guy

                                          I Cherish Yesterday  As Much As This Moment!

                                            I Admire Tracy Ellis Ross Such A Colorful  Woman !!!

                                   Let this right here humble you and put your cockiness away,
                                      you may look good but only some will Find you appealing
                                                            This Is Your Reality check =)

                After I Break Out Of The Lowest Point In My Life Nothing Else Can Get In My Way

               Funny how people's attitudes change when you start treating them like they treat you.

                                    She's Something Special ...& I Love Her  Dearly  =)      

                                        WHEN TOO MUCH EMOTIONS ARE INVOLVED 
                                                     I SERIOUSLY GET LOST...

                                                    It's the perfect day to have a perfect day.

                                                     Believe Me , Real Women Eat !
                                                      Thick In All The Right Places...

                                                                        My Sister & I

                                                   My Sister & Best Friend .

   I Love feeling out of this world music, deep talks, loving my Son and Family All help me escape this fucked up world....I Love my sisters and brothers very much even though At  times we tend to fuss and fight , but hey its all  part of Family Love... ''LOL'', I have been very lucky & fortunate to be part the Acosta Family and A  true blessing to Live ,Laugh , & Love  With Them ....  =)